Performance Arts

Subject Leader - Mrs A Pickering (

Performing Arts is a thriving and successful department which can boast of an outstanding reputation and results to match.             

Selston High School has a thriving and popular Performing Arts Department where we boast that we are highly accomplished and have an outstanding reputation with results to match.

Our mission is to be at the heart of the school and have an inspiring presence across the curriculum. To this end we have a purpose built and well equipped Department including performance studios, a music technology area, practise rooms and a central Performing Arts office

We aim to:

  • Use the Arts as a medium for learning to raise motivation, attainment and achievement for all students in specialist subjects and acrross the curriculum as a whole.
  • Strengthen and develop the quality of teaching and learning experiences through a diverse range of strategies


We believe Drama is an important part of the curriculum at Selston High School and provides students with essential transferable skills as they experience the practical art form as well as exploring the historical and cultural aspects of the subject. Learning in Drama enhances the individual's communication and interpersonal skills. Drama develops students ability to solve problems and also develops imagination, creativity and confidence; these skills are not only needed to create successful performances, but also beneficial in the wider curriculum. The subject is taught by specialist teachers in well-equipped Drama studios which include lighting, access to sound/technical equipment and an ICT suite.

Drama is compulsory for one hour a week for all Key Stage Three (KS3) students and is a popular GCSE option choice at Key Stage Four (KS4). Students attain extremely high standards due to commitment and dedication to the course, high quality delivery and workshops with professionals from the Performing Arts industry.


Music makes up a vibrant and exciting subject, which allows all students to be creative and develop skills at all levels in the three key areas of performance, composition and listening. The Department has a wide range of professional and specialist equipment which offers our students a real insight into the music industry.

At KS3 students have a one hour lesson of music per week. They develop their solo and ensemble skills through a practical curriculum as well as developing and creating their own original music. Students also develop their inner ear, preparing them for listening and appraising activities. At KS4 we offer GCSE Music (EDEXCEL specification) which allows us to cater for all interests and abilities depending on numbers.

Performing Arts Extra Curricular Activities

Drama and Music are an integral part of the extra-curricular activities at Selston High School with students participating in concerts, plays, musicals, performances at assemblies and projects in the community. The Department offers Performing Arts Academy, providing a wide range of ensembles which rehearse weekly from Junior Choir, SHS Wind band to Drama club. Also, individual and paired instrumental tuition is available on guitar, percussion, vocal, woodwind, brass, strings, keyboard and piano through the Arts Support Service.