ICT & Computer Science

Subject Leader - Mr R McKinlay (stmckinlayr@selstonhigh.org.uk)

Computer Science and ICT aims to equip every student with the skills they need to survive in an ever increasing digital world while allowing them to develop their computational thinking skills to support learning and progress across all subjects.

In Year 7, 8 and 9 students develop their ICT, Creative and Computer Science knowledge via a series of units that they evidence on an ongoing portfolio. From PODcasting to Python, Websites to Databases, we aim to give students a flavour and understanding of the real world applications of IT and Computer science. All pupils receive one hour of pure ICT, which, as well as giving them confidence and skills, supports their progress across the curriculum. Students begin to understand their strengths and weakness in each area so they can make informed decisions about possible pathways and careers in IT. We teach via investigation and ‘Planned Tinkering’, making every student’s journey unique and suitable for their current ability, therefore every student can make progress with effort and hard work.

In year 10 pupils can opt to take GCSE Computer Science where they will further their computer science skills and knowledge in a highly employable and challenging area of work.

Via enrichment we offer Minecraft Club, Lego Robotic and App Design. All students also have access to a computer room at lunch via the very successful ‘Byte Club’ where they can complete Homework or ‘tinker’ with some of our fantastic software in a relaxed atmosphere.