Making, possessing and distributing any imagery of someone under 18 which is ‘indecent’ is illegal. This includes imagery of yourself if you are under 18.

The law states that

 • It is an offence to possess, distribute, show and make indecent images of children.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 (England and Wales) defines a child, for the purposes of indecent images, as anyone under the age of 18.

For most purposes, if imagery contains a naked young person, a topless girl, and/ or displays genitals or sex acts then it will be considered indecent. Indecent images may also include overtly sexual images of young people in their underwear.

Sharing images, even if they are of yourself or have been willingly passed to you by someone else is a crime and may result in a criminal record and your name being on a Sex Offenders Register.

DO NOT send sexual images of yourself to anyone.

If anyone sends sexual images to you delete them immediately and report it to your parents or the school in order that that young person can be protected.

For further information about sexting or Youth Produced Sexual Imagery please follow the link below.