Pastoral - Ofsted 2019 Quotes...

Pastoral leadership is strong. Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school site. Exclusions are declining

Pupils know how to keep themselves safe. They treat others with respect. Their mental health needs are supported well.

Leaders are committed to a school that is inclusive. When necessary, leaders make effective use of alternative providers to meet pupils’ individual needs.

Overall, pupils’ attendance is above the national average.

A team of well-trained and committed staff support the leader responsible for safeguarding effectively. Leaders are tenacious in following up any concerns that staff raise about pupils.

Leaders liaise closely with external agencies to ensure that pupils receive appropriate help. They are conscious of threats posed by radicalisation and extremism and have made ‘Prevent’ referrals when necessary.

Staff receive regular safeguarding training. They are fully aware of their safeguarding responsibilities and take their duties seriously. They can identify signs that a pupil may be at risk and understand the need to make a timely referral to leaders.