Gifted & Talented

At Selston High School, we provide all able, gifted and talented students with opportunities to develop thinking skills and creativity.

At Selston High School we believe all children are entitled to an education that will enable them to develop their full potential - be that intellectual, physical, aesthetic, creative, emotional, spiritual or social - finding appropriate challenge in our learning environment.  All students have individual needs, making personalised learning a priority in our teaching and learning.

Selston High School is committed to providing a varied and challenging curriculum for all its students.  In addition, we will endeavour to identify those who are Able, Gifted and Talented through the provision of wide-ranging opportunities and nurture their individual abilities through our Able, Gifted and Talented programme.  This identification process is ongoing and begins when a child joins the school.  At the formal points of entry, through discussions with parents and carers we develop a clear picture and record of a child's achievements, aptitudes, interests and potential.

Our vision for the Able, Gifted and Talented programme is to:

  • Identify, recognise and celebrate all types of abilities and talents
  • Provide an outstanding personalised learning experience
  • Ensure all students make excellent progress and secure attainment commensurate with their ability
  • Provide opportunites which develop thinking and entrepreneurial skills, foster creativity and encourage    collaborative learning
  • Foster a love of learning and the pursuit of excellence
  • Cater for students' emotional and social needs, along with their intellectual needs
  • Utilise the support of various specialist external organisations/institutions/specialists
  • Encourage parental support and involvement with every aspect of their child's learning