About the School

Selston High School's primary purpose is to provide high quality learning and teaching in a supportive and caring environment; to develop the potential of each learner and to prepare each student to learn, grow, and thrive in the 21st Century. 

We are a fully inclusive school. We believe every child deserves to receive the very best education, and enjoy the process. We are dedicated and committed to raising the aspirations and achievements of all our students. 

This will be achieved through our Aims and Values: 


  • Personalised learning leading to enjoyment, success and achievement for all. 
  • A safe, healthy, orderly, sustainable and cohesive school community. 
  • Effective engagement with our learners, parents, local communities and partners. 
  • A positive, proactive approach to innovation and continuous improvement for all. 


As a caring school community we recognise the vital importance of promoting equality of opportunity and actively support and encourage values which reflect: 

  • Loyalty, Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Pride. 
  • High expectations. 
  • Individual responsibility. 
  • Respect for self, others, school expectations, property and the environment. 
  • Recognition and celebration of success. 
  • The uniqueness of each individual. 
  • Commitment, hard work, high aspiration and achievement. 
  • Respect for religious and cultural diversity