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How to talk to your child if they are worried about coronavirus

Emerging Minds Advice for Parents

How to talk to young people about coronavirus

NSPCC - Young People and Coronavirus

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Other Sources of Support

Support when issues are growing—support when you need it via:

Youth and community police officer—available for a variety of chats and advice, particularly if you feel that you may be getting into trouble and don’t know how to get out of it.

School nurse—weekly drop in and referrals available via

Sexions – to support with relationship issues

NHS to support with substance misuse

WAM- support for young people who live with adults with substance misuse 


External Support and useful links

Sometimes, more is needed...we can help you to access external support.

MASH – Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub 0300 500 80 90

CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service—NHS provided services for children facing emotional difficulties.  Assessments are completed prior to being accepted as a patient. Crisis contact: 0115 9560860; general enquiries 0115 9691300

CRUSE bereavement care—A national charity which supports young people facing bereavement, irrespective of how they have lost someone.

Young Carers—anyone under 18 who helps to look after someone in their family as a result of illness, drug or alcohol misuse or disability is described as a young carer.  There are organisations that directly support people in this position.

Samaritans 116 123 and are there to give confidential advice and support for anyone feeling depressed, lonely or suicidal

B-Eat Youth Helpline 0845 634 7650 to help if you have issues with eating

NoPanic – support with panic attacks and anxiety – 0844 967 4848

OCDaction – support for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – 0845 3906232 - A site designed to offer support to those who are experiencing troublesome thoughts, feelings or actions.

Hopelineuk -08000 68 4141 or Crisis advice and support for any young person worried about suicide or self harm

Apps ……..                                                                                            

Stopbreaththink – daily mindfulness

Smilingmind – meditation for all ages

Rootd – improving panic and anxious mood

Calm harm - help in resisting urge to self-harm

Stay Alive – support with suicidal thoughts

Stem4 – improving teenage mental health

Catch it - learn how to manage feelings

Headspace – guided meditation

Stop panic and anxiety self help

Feeling good –relax mind and body - 12 tracks

Lets meditate – Guided meditation

Sleeptime – Track your sleep

Calm – sleep, meditation and relaxation

Cove -create music to capture mood

Colofry – colouring app

Dare – break free from anxiety

Nature sounds relax and sleep

supperBetter – building resilience & confidence