Safeguarding and Support

Importnat letter re online safety from Ms Gordon

In general

- Keep in contact with your loved ones via social media, skype/facetime, texts and phone calls

- Create a daily self-care routine

- Keep yourself busy: games, books, movies

- Focus on new relaxation techniques

For Parents

- Avoid excessive exposure to media coverage

- Connect through calls/text/internet

- Add extra time for daily stress relief

- Practise self-care

- Focus on your mental health

Parental Support

For Students

- Reassre them that they're safe

- Let them talk about their worries

- Share your own coping skills

- Limit their news exposure

- Create a routine and Structure

Student Support


Lockdown Top Tips - click to visit site

Support for students on the autistic spectrum

The current situation regarding the Covid-19 virus is unsettling for all.  For those with Autistic Spectrum Condition and/or those with other learning difficulties, this time can be a source of overwhelming anxiety and uncertainty.  

The Autism Speaks website has issued some advice regarding speaking to an Autistic child about the virus as follows:

  1. Talk with the child before they hear about it elsewhere, so you can understand what they know and provide facts appropriate to their age and understanding.
  2. Communicate in a way that the child prefers, such as pictures or stories. This flu teaching story may be helpful.
  3. Allow the child additional time to process the information. That may mean they “play out” or talk about fearful topics, but you can be on hand to reassure them and answer questions..
  4. Communicate with your support system, including school contacts, caregivers and support groups.
  5. Be on the lookout for changes in routine or other signs of distress. The child may need additional supports if they are feeling stressed or anxious.
  6. Be a source for reassurance and positivity to help the child feel safe through frightening situations. 


Nottinghamshire SEND Local Offer

Corona support for SEND students

Online Safety

With young people spending more time online it becomes vital that parents consider E-Safety. Please see below a link to our page on online safety and other useful resources

Online Safety at Selston High School

Online Radicalisation

Unfortunately, whilst rare, there are negative influencers and online groomers who use the internet, social media and online gaming to spread their extreme ideas

Advice on preventing online radicalisation



Other Resources

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