Covid FAQ

Following our Parents Meetings we have summarised the questions asked below:

I missed the meeting what was discussed?

The full presentation can be accessed below

Presentation for September Return

Parents may also find the following briefing document useful

Selston Reopening Briefing

Our full Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Selston High School Covid 19 Risk Assessment

How does my child buy food?

Parents will be encouraged rather than sending their child to school with cash to use the online Squid system. All parents will be sent their Squid codes in September. Each year group will have lunch in their own area. There will be plenty of staff on hand to support them whilst they get used to the new system. Students are still welcome to bring a packed lunch as before.

How will lunch be organised?

Lesson 4 at the end of the morning now runs from 12:00 until 1:30 depending on the year group and depending upon the day students will take their lunch from either 12:00-12:30, 12:30-1:00 or 1:00-1:30. Each Year group will have an area where they will have lunch. Year groups will not be allowed to mix.

What about school transport?

Please see our school transport page which can be accessed via the menu on this page. In summary masks must be worn, students will sit in year groups on the buses. No change will be given

What will the new school day and timetable look like?

An example timetable is shown below please note:

  • Students go to Tutor Period at the start and end of each day
  • Every year will have different breaks and lunches. The times of these will change daily
  • Many lessons are now taught in double periods to reduce movement around school

What about Pe lessons?

On days when students have Pe they will be asked to come to school already in their kit as our changing facilities do not allow us to make them Covid Safe. The Pe activities taught will be chosen to ensure students do not get too dirty or sweaty as they will have to remain in their kit for the rest of the day. Activities will also take into account the need for social distancing with any equipment being wiped after use.

Can students still use their lockers?

Since movement around school will be limited with a number of one way systems etc it is not practical for students to be able to acsess their lockers. On their first day all students will be issued with a large lever arch file in which they will keep their books and learning materials. Students will need a bag so these can be taken home at the end of the day.

What about sports teams, clubs, music lessons and other extra curricular activities?

We aim to provide as normal a school experience as possible for our students. Whilst we need to ensure plans for these meet the government guidelines we will try to make as many activities available as we safely can.

How can I keep safe in school?

Please see our revised guidance on the wearing of face coverings below

Face Coverings at Selston High School

Each classroom has Hand Gel dispensers which will be used on entry. Whilst students won't be allowed to visit the toilets at break/lunch they will be allowed to go during lessons. Movement around the school will be carefully managed with many students entering/leaving their rooms through outside doors.