Covid-19 Testing In School 

Reporting your covid test

This page now applies to all students on roll at Selston High School and their parents and carers.

As you will have heard on the news, schools are set to re-open from Monday 8th March 2021. The government has primarily asked schools to commence testing of students before students and staff move on to being able to administer and report tests at home. Schools are required to provide 3 in school tests for your son/daughter before they provide students with test kits to be used at home. Specific details of the exact days/dates your son/daughter will need to attend school and be tested will be released in due course, but to prepare for this, we kindly ask you to read the below information and provide us with/without consent using the below form. Students who are currently accessing school for key worker support do not need to provide consent again if they have already done so

The asymptomatic testing procedure is welcomed by us all and will be crucial in ensuring your child’s education can return to normal as soon as possible, whilst ensuring the safety of your child and our staff in the school environment which has always taken number one precedence in our response to the pandemic. We have been testing students currently attending school and staff since the February 8th working closely with the Two Counties Trust and other partner schools to establish a process which has run extremely smoothly and has provided us all with huge re-assurance.  

Please complete the online form no later than Friday 5th March. This will provide the school with consent to allow your child to self-administer three tests in school (3-5 days apart) over a 2 week period before moving onto home testing. With this letter you will find a privacy notice explaining how any data that you provide will be used.    


Consent Form – Click here to access

Data protection FAQ’s - Click to access

Privacy Notice – Accessible via the consent form link above


We appreciate that you may have questions regarding the process, can I please advise you to read the linked document in the first instance

asymptomatic testing in schools and colleges – frequently asked questions .

Should you not find an answer that you are looking for, or you have one that is more specific to our school/your child, please direct them to with the subject of ‘COVID testing’ to ensure that your question finds its way to the appropriate members of staff. 

Please see the following document as it outlines information on the testing procedure as well as results guidance 

Results Guidance - What do they mean?


May I take this moment to thank you in advance for supporting our testing programme within school. It is a positive step in the right direction and as I am sure we all are, we hope that rolling this out promptly will help resume a more ‘normal’ time for us all. 

As always, for any support, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help.