Selston High School has a formal uniform/dress code. Please find more details below.....

Student Dress Code

Students are expected to wear school uniform and to maintain a smart, sensible and business like appearance at all times.

(All items of school uniform should be permanently marked with the owner's name)

Grey Blazer with school badge

School tie (Blue with silver stripe)

Either Black trousers – these must be tailored trousers.  (No labels, coloured buttons/buckles and must not be skin tight on the legs/drainpipe or of a "hipster" style.  Any belts must be functional, minimalist and not a fashion accessory).

Or Black, knee length skirt (Not pencil or stretchy style)

White formal plain shirt with long or short sleeves (Not polo style) - tucked in at all times

Grey V-neck pullover (Not sweatshirt material) (Optional)

Black or grey socks

Or Black or natural tights

Plain, polishable black shoes.  (Not trainers or canvas shoes, no logos or coloured soles, no high heels or boots).

PE Kit:

Indoor Kit

  • Plain navy shorts
  • Navy/sky blue sport shirt with collar
  • Sky blue football socks or plain white sport socks
  • Trainers

Outdoor Kit

  • Navy jogging bottoms (optional)
  • Navy / Sky blue rugby shirt (reversible) **compulsory for boys**
  • Navy / Sky blue hooded jumper **optional for boys & girls**
  • Navy / Sky blue rain jacket **optional for boys & girls**
  • Sky blue football socks or plain white sport socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots **compulsory for boys**
  • Gum shield **compulsory for boys**
  • Shin pads **compulsory for boys**

Please note – Compulsory - girls must have at least one warm item of clothing i.e. the navy/sky blue hooded jumper or the navy/sky blue rain jacket for outdoor winter lessons

(All items of school uniform should be permanently marked with the owner’s name)


Coats/Hats/Hair Accessories:

  • No denim is allowed.
  • Coats must not be worn instead of the school blazer.
  • Coats must not be worn in classrooms/school hall or the dining room. (They should be placed in lockers and collected as needed before/during registration/break/lunch).
  • Baseball caps must not be worn whilst in uniform.
  • 'Hoodies' are not allowed in school.
  • Hair accessories must be small, unobtrusive and functional.


It is difficult to define appropriate hair styles for school since fashions change all the time, but in general they should not be excessive or offensive, eg, shaved patterns on the scalp. Parents should seek guidance from the appropriate Head of Year about the suitability of hair styles BEFORE a visit to the hairdressers if their child is considering a hair style which differs widely from the norm. Colours which are not natural, eg, green/red/blue/pink/purple are not acceptable for school.


  • The only acceptable items are a wristwatch and one pair of plain small earlobe studs which must be removed for all PE or other practical activities where they could be a danger.
  • On grounds of Health & Safety facial/body piercings are not allowed in school.


  • No make-up is allowed in Years 7 and 8.
  • Subtle and discreet make-up is allowed in Years 9-11.
  • Students breaching the make-up guidelines will be required to remove it.
  • No nail varnish or false nails to be worn.

Selston High School uniform can be obtained from:

Clement Taylor, 6 Brook Street, Market Place, Sutton in Ashfield. NG17 1AL. Telephone 01623 552048.

They are offering parents/carers the opportunity of paying by instalments following a placement of the order to spread the cost over a period of time. For every £10 you save Clement Taylor will add £1 to your account.

Click below for a copy of our uniform order form which can be taken to our supplier.

Uniform Order Form