Selston In The Spotlight

After our students performed in the Shakespeare Schools Festival at the Mansfield Palace Theatre in October we would like to share with you the wonderful appraisal we have received from Nick Sutcliffe (SSF Stage Director)

“Many congratulations to the cast and crew of Selston High School on their fantastic production!  I’d like to highlight a few things from this group that stood out, wowed the audience and made this Shakespeare Schools Festival night an evening to remember.

This was truly a committed cast, who had an astonishing grasp of this text and the themes of the play.  This produced propelled the audience through an incredible range of emotions – from bitterness, to anger, and total heartbreak.  Right from the beginning the cast grabbed the audience’s attention and had them truly enchanted.

A striking aspect of this production was the use of frames on stage.  It was an excellence visual image for the audience of the two rival households.  This device was especially powerful because it felt like the two families bursting out of their family portraits, into a world of love and death which characterises tragedy.

Throughout the play there was fantastic ensemble work, which made this an even more powerful show.  In particular, the fight scenes really packed a punch and had the audience captivated.  The party was also a beautiful memorable scene.  The company’s use of freeze-frames was skilled and effective, and focused the audience’s attention on key aspects.

This was a play strewn with beautiful and tender moments, and absolute tragedy, and was told with great maturity.  The cast were really talented, and worked like true professionals.

This was a beautiful play.  It was slick, well-rehearsed and beautifully told – bravo!!”