Platinum Pledge Awards


At Selston High School we believe that it takes more than qualifications to make a young person a good citizen, with a sense of personal well-being and moral purpose.

Our school motto is "Inspire Success" and this covers all areas of life:  academic, social, cultural, sporting and creative. We want to develop the potential of each individual and to prepare students to learn, grow and thrive in the 21st century. We also want all students to be leaders and to give students opportunities to pursue their own interests.

The Selston Pledge Award is designed to promote the development of well-rounded individuals and to recognise the significant achievements of all our students. It will also be a useful tool when competing for college and university places, jobs and other opportunities.

Mr Halcro and Ms Gordon had the honour recently of interviewing the latest Platinum Pledge winners. The girls have gained over 720 points to win one of these awards and will be presented at the Achievement Awards ceremony in the summer of 2018.  We spoke to all eight girls who had the following to say about how they had achieved this amazing accolade….

Destiny Pink  9HGD

Destiny said that trying new experiences was the best part about gaining her Platinum Pledge Award. She made a New Year’s resolution to herself that she was going to push herself to enter more House competitions even though she wasn’t keen on sport.  She is a keen dancer and has taken part in competitions since she was 2 years old. 

Destiny also said that if she was mentoring a Year 7 student, she would tell them not to give up and to keep trying hard at everything. 

Destiny concluded that getting the Pledge Award was a great way of trying new stuff. 

Chloe Ahmet  9MCR

Chloe told us that she had really enjoyed trying different things and not just sitting in front of the TV.  She felt proud of herself that she had tried hard in sport and even though she had now gained her Platinum Pledge Award she was going to carry on with the activities especially in art. Chloe showed us her portfolio of artwork which was particularly good. 

Chloe said that she would advise any Year 7’s to get involved as there are a lot of fun activities to try. 

Emily Allcock  9CBD

Emily said she had found the summer pledge really fun – she had taken part in activities including litter picking which had raised her own awareness of how much litter there was.  She had also sent her new form tutor a letter introducing herself and a postcard from Hawaii! 

Emily is a Girl Guide and is part of a fundraising activity to raise funds for her to go to Croatia which is also a link to her future career path. 

Emily told us that the Pledge Award had made her more confident in her own abilities and she was very proud of herself.

Macie Breedon  9ETY

Macie said that she had really enjoyed the challenges – she had taken part in fishing which she didn’t think she could do well but managed to land herself a fish.  Macie has been a cheerleader for 5 years and her group have won numerous competitions. 

Macie has been helping out at home, helped older people with their housework and in the summer, she helps with a holiday club. She told us that if she was mentoring a Year 7 student, she would advise them to try as hard as they could and try new experiences.

Macie said that the Pledge Award gives you more choices and gives you targets to aim for. 

Phoebe Fry  9MCR

Phoebe told us that she had got a lot of satisfaction from working hard knowing that she was gaining points.  She had found the community element challenging but had completed voluntary work, school leadership roles and also raised money for charity with sponsored walks and dances. Phoebe has been dancing since she was 3 years old and enjoys Latin and Sequence Dancing.  

If she was to mentor a Year 7 student she would advise them to set a target for the day, make a list and most of all be organised. 

Phoebe said she will continue to do what she has enjoyed – it doesn’t cost anything to keep trying.

Hope Hawtin  10JDA

Hope said that she had done a lot of things before she had started at Selston High which had made her even more motivated to continue to do things when she got here.  She has been doing Taekwondo for 7 years and told us that she loves it – she must do, as she is a second degree black belt!

Hope had found the vocational parts hard but she was working towards an instructor’s course and has also done jobs for school in maths, drama and music.

She would advise any new Year 7 to do as much as they could towards their award but to make sure that they enjoyed it. Hope said that she will continue doing what she is doing and also continue working to get to instructor level in Taekwondo. 

Sophie Snowden  10MHG

Sophie had enjoyed being involved in new things and helping other people and wanted to achieve as much as she could.  She felt that she had challenged herself and realised that she was stronger than she thought. She is particularly strong in sport both in and out of school (especially county level netball) which has helped boost her confidence. 

Sophie told us that she would advise any Year 7 to try and achieve and to push the limits but to enjoy what they are doing. 

Esther Wilson-Gilbert  10NRN

Esther told us that being involved in Taekwondo had given her a chance to improve herself – she also takes part in this sport and has 1 year to go before she can go for a black belt.  She is also a young leader at scouts. 

Esther said she would advise a Year 7 student to do what they enjoyed and develop their skills along the way. She wants to carry on achieving and wants to go for a Level 1 life guard teaching now she has achieved her silver award. 


Well done to all the girls who have achieved so much – keep going! We now want to see some boys on this list….