Year 11 Revision

This page will show what revision opportunities are available for students and the areas students should be working on

Firstly we have produced the following publications to help support our students

Support Guide For Y11 Parents

How To Revise Effectively

GCSE Combined Science - To prepare for Science exams over Easter, pupils need to regularly use Tassomai to keep their wheel green alongside other revision methods. Thank you for your support.

GCSE History, Miss Millward's Group - Use their PLC on SMHW to complete activities in the booklets I have given to them. For example if your PLC is red for 'Elizabeth: Queen, government and religion' then you need to complete activities on Queen, government and religion in the booklet. 

GCSE Computer Science - Use your 'Take Away' to help you revise and make sure you visit the share point website for videos, homework help and useful revision links.

GCSE Art and Photography students have their exams during the first week back after Easter. Therefore they should be working at home on any last minute preparations and sketchbook work ready for the exam. Mrs McKinlay will be in school on the last day of the holidays setting up the exam rooms so will be available for any last minute advice for students.

Easter Revision Classes

Date Subject Staff Time Room
Thursday 29th March GCSE Pe Mrs Green 10am-2pm Room 19
Tuesday 3rd April GCSE French Miss Ross 10am-3pm Room 9
Tuesday 3rd April GCSE Spanish Miss Rowland/Miss Gould 9-12pm Room 6
Wednesday 4th April GCSE Maths All Staff 9-11:30am All Rooms
Thursday 5th April GCSE History Miss Gordon - all groups 10am-3pm Conf Room
Friday 6th April        
Monday 9th April        
Tuesday 10th April Btec Engineering Mr Stewart 10am-3pm Room 19
Wednesday 11th April GCSE Maths Mirs Worrell 10-11:30am Room 12
Thursday 12th April GCSE Drama Mrs Pickering 10am-2pm Room 29
Friday 13th April GCSE Drama Mrs Pickering 10am-2pm Room 29

* English sessions will be at May Half Term