Who to Contact

In a large school it can sometimes be a problem for parents to know who to contact with any issues

Apart from matters relating directly to admission, parents are asked to contact their child's Form Tutor in the first instance.

The Head of Year and his/her team of tutors are the link between home and school. 

They are available to see parents during school hours although all have a teaching commitment throughout the day so it is advisable to telephone for an appointment to ensure that they are available when you visit school.  We aim to return all calls within 24 hours.

Year 7

Head of Year - Miss N Hunt (sthuntn@selstonhigh.org.uk)

7BAP Mr B Allsop stallsopb@selstonhigh.org.uk
7DST Mrs D Scott stscottd@selstonhigh.org.uk
7HMN Miss H Marsden stmarsden@selstonhigh.org.uk
7EBR Mr E Blower stblowere@selstonhigh.org.uk
7JBD Mrs J Bird stbirdj@selstonhigh.org.uk
7HMD Miss H Millward stmillwardh@selstonhigh.org.uk

Year 8

Head Of Year - Miss R Andrews (standrewsr@selstonhigh.org.uk)

8EHS Miss E Hindes sthindese@selstonhigh.org.uk
8PDN (formerly 7APG) Mr P Davison stdavisonp@selstonhigh.org.uk
8OHD Miss O Haywood sthaywoodo@selstonhigh.org.uk
8LRD Miss L Rowland strowlandl@selstonhigh.org.uk
8APN Mr A Pullen stpullena@selstonhigh.org.uk
8RHS Miss R Hughes sthughesr@selstonhigh.org.uk

Year 9

Head Of Year - Miss G Ross (strossg@selstonhigh.org.uk)

9MCR Miss M Cooper stcooperm@selstonhigh.org.uk
9JFS Mrs J Furness stfurnessj@selstonhigh.org.uk
9KMY Mrs K McKinlay stmckinlayk@selstonhigh.org.uk
9CBD Miss C Bond stbondc@sesltonhigh.org.uk
9HGD Miss H Gould stgouldh@sesltonhigh.org.uk
9ETY (formerly 8RAS) Miss E Tivey sttiveye@selstonhigh.org.uk

Year 10

Head of Year - Ms N Coleman (stcolemann@selstonhigh.org.uk)

10MHG Mrs M Hosking sthoskingm@selstonhigh.org.uk
10AFW (formerly 9DSL) Mr F Stewart ststewartf@selstonhigh.org.uk
10NRN Mrs N Robson strobsonn@selstonhigh.org.uk
10LGN (formerly 9CJN) Mrs L Green stgreenl@selstonhigh.org.uk
10AJS Mrs A Pickering stpickeringa@selstonhigh.org.uk
10JDA Mr J D'Laryea stdlaryeaj@selstonhigh.org.uk

Year 11

Head of Year - Mr L Greasley (stgreasleyl@selstonhigh.org.uk)

11SLE Mr S Lee stlees@selstonhigh.org.uk
11JWR (formerly 10DEE) Mr J Weller stwellerj@selstonhigh.org.uk
11ADN Mr A Duncan stduncana@selstonhigh.org.uk
11RMY Mr R Mckinlay stmckinlayr@selstonhigh.org.uk
11LWL Mrs L Worrell stworrelll@selstonhigh.org.uk
11RBD Ms R Brailsford stbrailsfordr@selstonhigh.org.uk



Mr Paul Halcro - sthalcrop@selstonhigh.org.uk

Deputy Headteachers

Ms Catherine Gordon (Pastoral) – stgordonc@selstonhigh.org.uk

Mr S Taylor (Curriculum) – sttaylors@selstonhigh.org.uk

Assistant Headteachers

Mr N Bailey (Attendance and Admissions) – stbaileyn@selstonhigh.org.uk

Mrs C Stone (Teaching and Learning) - ststonec@selstonhigh.org.uk

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs L Smith - stsmithl@selstonhigh.org.uk