Travelling to and from School

Service:    433 Jacksdale / Westwood  

Fare:         90p each way / no return

Freeway Coaches Tel:  01773 81171

Jacksdale, Selston Road 7.50
Jacksdale, Laverick Road 7.50
Jacksdale, Monument   7.52
Jacksdale, Welfare 7.55
Palmerston Street   8.00
Selston High School, Nottingham Road 8.05
Selston High School, Mansfield Road   arr  3.00 dep      3.10
Jacksdale, Laverick Road    3.20
Jacksdale, Monument 3.22
Jacksdale Welfare       3.25
Palmerston Street   3.30

Service:      434 Bagthorpe / Underwood 

Fare:         90p each way / no return

Freeway Coaches Tel:  01773 81171

Lower Bagthorpe, Shepherds Rest 8.05
Underwood, Hole in the Wall    8.10
Underwood, Palmerston Street 8.12
Bagthorpe, Middlebrook Road  8.15
Selston High School, Mansfield Road  8.20
Selston High School, Nottingham Road  arr  3.00 dep   3.10   
Bagthorpe, Middlebrook Road 3.14
Underwood, Palmerston Street 3.17
Underwood, Hole in the Wall  3.19
Lower Bagthorpe 3.21

Service         432/435 Brinsley 

Fare:         £1.50 each way / £2.50 return 

(one bus) 

Brinsley, Durham Ox 8.00
Brinsley, Broad Lane 8.02
Brinsley, Hall Lane 8.12
Brinsley, Moor Road 8.13
Brinsley, Plainspot Road 8.15
Selston High School, Nottingham Road 8.25
Selston High School, Nottingham Road dep 3.10
Brinsley, Plainspot Road  
Brinsley, Moor Road  
Brinsley, Hall Lane  
Brinsley, Broad Lane  
Brinsley, Durham Ox  
















Travel Assistance Forms (bus pass applications) are available from Selston High School reception.                                                                                                    

Please note:

The conditions of travel are set out in the booklet issued with the travel permit by Nottingham County Council.

Students must travel on the bus to which they are allocated to prevent overcrowding.

The bus will stop for students to board and alight at the places named, and at intermediate stops if signalled accordingly.

A season pass can be purchased which works out at a cost of £1.35 for a return journey. In order to apply for this pass please click on the following link: