Our 2018-19 Options Process

On this page you will find a summary of the 2018 Options process

Further information will be available at our Options Evening on Thurs 8th Feb 4:00-6:00pm


What will I be studying in September 2018?

In September 2018 we will continue with a two week timetable - this means you will have one timetable for Week A and one for Week B which will alternate

All students will be studying the core subjects for 32 out of the 50 lessons per fortnight.
In the remaining 18 lessons students will complete three option choices which they will complete over two years of study.

What do I have to choose?

Choice 1 - Your first choice from History or Geography (all students will study this choice)

Choice 2 - Either your first choice from French or Spanish (students who have been strongly advised to study a modern foreign language have been pre-selected and notified by letter) or your first choice from all of our available subjects

Choices 3,4 and 5 - Your next three choices from all of our available options ranked in order of preference

The extra choices are required as staffing and facilities may mean that we cannot accommodate all first choices.


What subjects are available? (click to visit the relevant subject page)

Ebacc Subjects Geography History French Spanish
Option subjects
Art & Design GCSE Photography Drama/Perf Arts GCSE Computer Science
Food & Cookery Childcare (BTEC) Engineering (BTEC) Pe/Sport
GCSE History GCSE Geography GCSE Triple Science  

What should I consider when making my choices?

  • Basically what is right for you…?
  • Consider your career action plan, where you want to go post 16.
  • Try to give yourself a broad and balanced range of choices.
  • Think about what you enjoy, what you have had previous success in and ask staff what areas you have the potential to achieve success in.
  • You should not select a subject because your friend is choosing it or because you think you may be taught by a certain member of staff.

What is the English Baccalaureate?

The government uses the EBacc as one measure of school performance. In order to achieve the EBacc a student would need to secure grade 5 or above in 6 GCSEs from 5 subject areas:

English (Language)     Maths      Science (combined sciences, or combinations of separate Sciences OR Computer Science)     MFL (Spanish or French)      Humanities (History or Geography only)

This is important for higher attaining students progressing on to some post 16 institutions and later, some universities. It may also be important for some career paths.


Where can I get more information and who will support me?

  • The Options evening is on Thursday 8th February and you should have received a separate letter about this.
  • The subject teachers and leaders identified on the detail pages are the best sources of subject specific information.
  • The website has video clips from each subject area.
  • The school careers advisors - Deborah Wilby & Jayne Drury - will be happy to discuss your choices with you and will be in attending our options event on Thursday 8th Feb.
  • Current students are a valuable source of information.
  • Past students and Parents/Carers may have valuable experience they can share.
  • Senior staff especially Mr Taylor (Deputy Head), Miss G Ross (Head of Year 9) & Mr Underwood are always available and will answer any questions or concerns.

What will happen next?

The online option choice area will be opened on Monday 26th Febraury with choices needing completion by Friday 2nd March.

During March/April/May, all students will then receive a personal interview with a senior member of staff to discuss their choices.