Year 11 Trial; Exam Results

SHS Mock Results Day- 12th January 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

Today, your son/daughter will receive the results of their mock examinations that occurred before Christmas.  They will receive them by envelope, in exactly the same way as they will in August for the real examinations.  We are doing this exercise to help prepare them for what will actually happen in the summer and to help them reflect on where they are now in their preparations for their GCSE and other subjects.

The results received today are the results of the actual trial examinations not the professional predictions.  These will go home next week on the usual tracking report.  Today’s results may well be different from the professional predictions as we are still around 5 months away from the start of the written GCSE exams.

We are looking forward to discussing your son/daughter’s progress next week at the parents’ evening on Thursday 18th January (4-7pm)

Thank-you in advance for your continued support.